Work longer with SKIL ‘Hybrid Power’

Work longer with SKIL ‘Hybrid Power’
At first glance, the SKIL 2461 ‘Hybrid Power 16V Max’ (14,4V) seems to be a regular Lithium-Ion cordless drill, but looks can be deceiving. This tool has all functions any other normal cordless drill has, but now you can even work longer with SKIL’s innovative ‘Hybrid Power’. The battery-level indicator recommends when to connect the cord to the tool. And with the cord connected, the battery automatically recharges whenever you don’t pull the power switch.

‘Hybrid Power’ to continue working
So how does the innovative ‘Hybrid Power’ work exactly? Every second you don’t pull the power switch is used to recharge the battery. When you think about it, no one works uninterruptedly. You continuously pause during the job, either to pick up the next screw or to position the screw onto your workpiece. You might also interrupt your job to prepare the next part of your workpiece or to change screwdriver bits. Using these pauses to recharge the battery means you can work longer right away.

Forgot to recharge the battery?
Imagine for example you stored your cordless drill some while ago, but you forgot to fully recharge the battery. This means you’ll have to start your new DIY job with a half-empty battery and as it turns out, this is not enough to finish the job. Recognizable? Luckily, you can now work longer with SKIL ‘Hybrid Power’. The 6-metre cord assures you have plenty of working freedom. And the handy cord-storage spool supplied conveniently stores the cord.

Handy features for extra working comfort
This cordless drill has a powerful battery with 1,5Ah capacity. The 17+1 VariTorque clutch setting ensures precise screwdriving with the 17 settings and another setting for drilling jobs. You’re assured of full control during the job thanks to the variable-speed function and electronic brake. Other handy features, such as the reliable Lithium-Ion battery technology and the 10 mm keyless chuck for fast and easy accessory changing ensure extra working convenience. Good visibility of your work is assured thanks to the LED spotlight.