1. When to choose a multisaw?

    A multi-material saw is considered to be a mini-circular saw, which is a logical comparison. This saw combines the functions of a circular saw in a lightweight, compact format. Just like the circular saw, a multi-material saw is used to saw very precise straight lines fast. The biggest difference between the two tools is the sawing depth. You should therefore take care to choose a multi-material saw that’s able to saw to the depth you need on your job.
  2. Due to its compact size, the multi-material saw is easy to handle. You can even use it with one hand. This tool is a very good choice when you want to cut materials like wood, tiles, aluminium and pipes to size. That’s because the great advantage of the multi-material saw is that you can attach different blades. There are blades for wood, universal blades and even diamond blades that can cut through ceramic tiles. Some multi-material saws can also be used for plunge cutting, which is useful for making cut outs.