1. The most common types of drill chucks

  2. 1) A keyed chuck

    This takes regular drill bits, and a key is used to open and close the chuck. The key lets you tighten the drill firmly, but it isn’t very convenient and you have to be careful not to lose the key!
  3. 2) A double-sleeve keyless chuck

    This also takes regular drill bits, but no key is required. You have to use both hands to operate the chuck.
  4. 3) A single-sleeve keyless chuck

    This is the most convenient option for fitting regular drill bits. There’s no key, and you only need one hand to operate the chuck.
  5. 4) An SDS chuck

    You’ll only find this kind of chuck system on hammers, and you have to use special SDS drill bits. These are very easy to fit. However for drilling in wood and metal you need a special SDS chuck adapter to allow regular drill bits to be used.