9 must-have garden tools for urban gardens

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Need to keep your garden looking great, but finding it hard to choose from the huge selection of garden tools? These are the 9 must-have tools for your garden shed.
  1. Lawn mower

    If you have grass in your garden, be sure to buy the lawn mower that best suits your lawn. A push lawn mower is a good fit for small and medium-sized urban gardens. It takes more time to mow a lawn with a push lawn mower though. An electric or petrol lawn mower will help you finish the job faster.
  2. Strimmer

    A strimmer is a convenient solution when you need to tidy up along walls, fences and flower beds – or simply trim the edges of your lawn. Basically, anywhere you cannot easily get to with a regular lawn mower. And a strimmer is the ideal tool for small pieces of grass on bumpy ground.
  3. Hedge trimmer

    If you have a hedge or a bush in your garden, you should prune it regularly. To minimise your time and effort, use an electric hedge trimmer. For your own safety, wear safety goggles and gloves when pruning with an electric hedge trimmer.
  4. Secateurs

    Secateurs are a must-have tool when you need to prune back branches of shrubs, trees and other plants. Secateurs are used to cut back thin and medium-thick branches. To make easy work of pruning ensure that the blades are always sharp. Hardened steel blades stay sharp the longest, so they need less maintenance.
  5. Electric weed sweeper

    Weeds between the paving stones on your patio are unavoidable. You want to remove them as quickly and easily as possible, without resorting to herbicides or straining your back. An electric weed sweeper is the convenient way to get the job done. The sturdy brush skilfully removes weeds from between the stones.
  6. Leaf blower

    Do you have a lot of leaves in your garden? Like to clear them away fast? You might want to try a leaf blower. As well as (dead) leaves, a leaf blower can also suck up and cut up small pruning waste. This is deposited in a bag so it can be easily thrown away. That makes it a lot easier to keep your garden clean and tidy.
  7. Grass shears

    Do you have box in your garden? It's best to prune them with special grass shears. A hedge cutter is suited to the coarser work, while pruning shears are for smaller branches. Cordless grass shears, on the other hand, are specially designed to prune box.
  8. Pressure washer

    This tool is an absolute must for cleaning your patio, garden furniture, tools and your car. Pressure washers usually have a range of pressure settings, from narrow jet to wide spray. All told, an ideal piece of kit for a wide variety of outdoor cleaning jobs.
  9. Garden shredder

    A garden shredder is very convenient for shredding up branches and other garden waste. Shredding reduces the volume of waste, making it easier to deposit and turn into valuable compost.


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9 must-have garden tools for urban gardens

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