SKIL ‘Urban Mower’

Manoeuvrable, lightweight lawn mower for an enjoyable mowing experience
The SKIL ‘Urban Mower’ is ideal for your city garden. It’s a mower with unique front swivel wheels for optimum manoeuvrability. At only 4,3 kg it’s very compact and lightweight. It takes up hardly any space in your shed thanks to SKIL’s unique ‘Easy Storage’ design. The high-speed, energy-efficient motor cuts your grass with care for optimum mowing results. The ‘Urban Mower’ is supplied with a grass box and spare cutting blades.

Extreme manoeuvrability for city gardens
The SKIL ‘Urban Mower’ is specially designed for lawns up to 50 m². Its handy features make mowing an effortless job! For easy manoeuvring through your garden, the SKIL ‘Urban Mower’ has unique front swivel wheels. So there’s no more heavy lifting and turning with a heavy mower when you start a new stroke, and working around objects in your garden has never been easier!

Handy features for extra working comfort
The lawn mower has a smart handle with three different settings for increased convenience: drive ‘(D)’, park ‘(P)’ and store ‘(S)’. For optimum working comfort the handle ensures a flexible working height, no matter how tall you are. The grass box can be removed, emptied and re-installed with just one hand: it’s the easiest grass box emptying solution on the market! The ‘Urban Mower’ is supplied with spare cutting blades for many years of mowing pleasure.