Any tool. Any task. One battery.

PWRCORE, our industry-leading battery system, is packed with smart innovation to deliver optimal power for every job. For ultimate flexibility, each range of advanced batteries and high-speed chargers is 100% compatible with all corresponding SKIL power and garden tools.

Discover PWRCORE products

ActivCell™: Intelligent power management

Each advanced SKIL battery is equipped with patented ActivCell™ technology. The intelligent power management system constantly monitors the battery’s voltage, temperature and current, providing optimal protection and maximising performance.

KeepCool™: Patented cooling technology

Our cutting-edge KeepCool™ technology extends run time by up to 25% and doubles battery life. Individual battery cells are packed in our innovative heat absorption technology to keep them running at optimal temperature for longer, preventing overheating and improving performance.

Patented battery level indicator: Smart features throughout

SKIL tools are developed from 100 years of expertise, and each one is packed with innovative features to get the job done well. Our battery level indicator conveniently displays the battery’s charge level, giving you advanced warning when it’s time to power up fast.

Advanced tools you can trust

We’re so confident in our high-performing products that each industry-leading SKIL power tool and advanced KeepCool™ battery is supplied with a 3-year warranty as standard. Brushless tools come with a 5-year warranty.

Energy Platform (EP) = PWRCORE 20

In 2022 Energy Platform (EP) was renamed PWRCORE 20. The platform has not changed in any other way. So you can use an EP battery in PWRCORE 20 products and a PWRCORE 20 battery in EP products.